Bank of America Mobile Banking App Reviews

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Doesnt work in Canada

Cant download app and if you can it wont work properly Works great in USA

Great app

Love this app. Does everything I need.

Great Bank app

To my personal experience and multiple bank user app bank of america app is the best one out there

Easy to use

Easy to use without being watered down.

Great App

The new update to the app is wonderful. It is easy to use and navigate. All of your account information is easily accessible. Im very pleased with this app.

Notification feedback

Needs a clear all notifications. Needs a way to not have some notifications saved forever in the alerts menu. Do I really need my daily account balance notification saved in the app forever until I manually clear one by one? No. I just want to be gently notified every day about how much of a baller I am, and then move on with my day. Otherwise good app, always improving.

User Friendly

For what I use the application for it works perfectly for me.

Worst banking app...

This is my worst banking app by far. Whats the point when I cant use it to make a payment? "Youre currently enrolled in Bill Pay Choice, which is not available through Mobile Banking. To make a payment, please sign in to the Online Banking website." Really? NONE of my other banking apps has anything like this. They all allow me to pay with simple setup. The BofA apps have been like this for years. PATHETIC. And I agree with one of the other reviewers. Its sleazy to not have minimum due or current balance visible on the payment page. Were not stupid. Its obvious that youre hoping people will misremember the minimum or full balance and get hit with late fees or finance charges.

Best App

It is the best application I have ever used for online banking!! Especially, the last version! LOVE it.

Its practical

I always find it easy to use on every update and using the app has saved me numerous trips to the bank.

Great app.

Very convenient. Havent felt the need to check the full website in a long time.

Smooth and reliable

Ive never had an issue with this app. From account status to depositing checks. Its always been reliable and easy to use.

Update bug?

Use to be great but ever since the last update I cant even sign in and view my account! Its been a couple weeks now. Pointless...


Works very well for me! I can do everything but print a statement!

Great app, great service.

Best bank out there for college students. They waived all fees for me until I turn 23 years old. Also, app is smooth and easy to use.

Great App

This wonderful app helps me keep up with all the aspects of money management in my Bank of America account. Very handy, easy to use and complete!

Love the app

Love the app. Very easy to use

Search option

Lacking this feature. Otherwise good for now. Will give you another feedback if there should be any improvement.

Great App

App had been great and always ahead of the curve in terms of other banks.


An excellent app that provides easy to use features accessing my account.

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