Bank of America - Mobile Banking App Reviews

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One thing I would like

A way to do a "check register". You may remember the old paper check registers kept a running total of what you spent, what you automatically will pay so you could reconcile your finances and know what amount of money is available to spend and when. If you dont build this, Apple Pay will.

Easy, Fast and Accurate

Great site- very accurate, extremely easy to surf. All the information you need is available and a very nice plus is the daily fica score is also available.

Great app!

I have been with BOA for 7 years and I have been through a couple apps with them- this one is by far the best. Its very user friendly for the basic needs and has little extras like being able to access your FICO score. Well done, BOA!

Great banking app!

I am overall very pleased with this app, one suggestion I would like to see in the future would be real time mobile alerts, for example when any type of charge occurs on my account I am notified within seconds. That would be great!

I like it!

Very fast and easy to use.

Access Bank Accounts On-The-Go

I love the easy access to my bank accounts while on-the-go! Easily check balances, make transfers, bill payments all from your phone! Having Touch ID with fingerprint for easy sign in is an added bonus!! Highly recommend it!!

Some bugs

Apple Watch app has a loading bug. Otherwise its a great app.


Very good and useful app!

Why Forced Upgrade

Disappointed in that the previous version worked was adiquate. Granted that each update gets worse and worse. BOA is more woried about adding flash and animation vs. just letting me view my account. Just dont need it or care if the added flash is there. I could do everything I needed 5 versions of the app ago. This time, I am forced to upgrade in that the current version will not give me access. Its poor customer service from BOA to force unwanted upgrades that provide no better service. P.S. Could you make the font any smaller???????

Just OK

App is constantly crashing/glitching/reloading (which leads me to having to re-enter my password or information more than once). I continue to use it because its more convenient that opening the web page but its nothing great.

This app was great before the update!!

Now everytime I go to the app my Touch ID doesnt come up and I cant sign in! I have exit out and open it back up very annoying please fix!

Pretty good App!

It gets the job done.

Freezes at startup

New version with fingerprint sign in is so slow sometimes it doesnt even open or load. Very disappointed.

Love it

Makes checking up in your bank account much easier

Nice app

Havent had problems

Great app!!

This app is great for online use. Best banking app around. A++

I love this app

Its really convenient!

Very limited functionality

Disappointed by the limited functionality. The only thing this app is good for is pretty much checking your current balance. Basic features like checking historical statements are not available, and its impossible to even check the last statement balance. As a result, I almost never use my B of A card. Its like they dont want to give you info on your own account so you will slip up and they can charge you fees.

Love how I can see my Credit Score

Its easier to use and the credit score feature is awesome. Also easier to navigate. 5 stars all the way.

Thumb down

Constantly having to redo my thumb print. So annoying and inconvenient.

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